Lectio Divina with Scripture


Read a brief scripture passage aloud slowly and purposefully. Then ponder the passage and identify particular words that stand out to you. After contemplating these ideas, read the passage again. Then move on to the next passage. If you do Lectio Divina as a group, leave time to share your insights and inspirations. This method of prayerfully contemplating a text dates back to early monastic tradition, and had become a regular practice in monasteries by the time of St. Benedict in the 6th Century. Resources: Ever Ancient, Ever New: The Art and Practice of Lectio Divina Contact: For more ideas regarding how to organize Lectio Divina, contact Janet Roberto, St. Benedict the Abbot Parish – (724)941-9406 x112; janetr@sbapeters.org Julie Amatangelo 412-841-6907 (cell)