Finding Our Place in the World

Did you ever stop and think about your vocation? Not your job or career—but what God is calling you to do with your life? JoLynn Clouse didn’t plan on becoming a Catholic elementary school principal. She was happy teaching second graders at Saint Wendelin School near Butler. But when the principal left, the pastor and others asked her to lead the school. What happened next is remarkable. Like other Catholic schools, Saint Wendelin’s enrollment had been shrinking, to just 58 students. Four years after JoLynn said yes to her new vocation, more than 100 students are now enrolled, and the school continues to grow. JoLynn isn’t simply a principal. She has special training as a teacher of the faith, so she’s recognized as a Lay Ecclesial Minister, helping young people to learn Jesus, to love Jesus, and to live Jesus.

DSC_6882Listening to God’s call

Tisha Bridges, pastoral associate at Saint Bernard’s in Mt. Lebanon, helps care for the people of her parish. She counsels those who are having a spiritual crisis, visits the sick in hospitals, cares for the homebound, works with engaged couples as well as people on the other end of the marriage spectrum—those seeking an annulment. Tisha says “discerning your vocation is about listening to God’s call in your life. Ask him to help you see where he is leading you, and that your eyes and ears and heart will be open to recognizing the signs.

Being Christ to others

Balancing the books at a parish may not seem like ministry to some folks, but to Peg Kirchner, it’s a chance to “wake up every day and say with great joy and conviction and trust that God is going to make this day special in some way.” Peg is the business manager at Saint Sebastian Parish in the North Hills, a busy and growing parish. Peg says, “I always ask, am I trying to be Christ to others?” She works to be a good steward of the parish’s resources and use her God-given gifts to help parishioners. JoLynn, Tisha and Peg never planned on becoming Lay Ecclesial Ministers, but they couldn’t be happier in their vocations, and are grateful they listened to God’s voice. How is God calling you?

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